We are so excited that you have found the BRISK Parent Blog!!! We think this is going to be an amazing tool to inform, encourage and equip you as parents , and to keep you connected with the BRISK youth ministry at Providence Church!

For our first post, we simply wanted to share with you a brief vision and purpose for this blog and how we intend to use it!!!!

Blog vision

A brief google search for resources in “parenting teenagers” yields over 21,300,000 results! That makes for a lot of blogs, articles, videos, tips, websites, books, instructional programs, seminars, etc…… YOU GET THE PICTURE! It is truly amazing how the information age continues to inundate us with material. And yet in the middle of all this information, sometimes we find ourselves truly lost.

And that is why we are launching this Parent Blog! We are not world-renown experts in parenting or family matters, we have no doctorate degrees or Ph.D’s, we don’t have our own reality TV show (yet!) and you won’t find our names on the New York Best Seller lists (for now at least)….. BUT…. as the Youth Ministry Team at Providence Church, we do have a heart to see “God’s will be done and His kingdom come” through the youth and families in our community and around the world!!!! And we want to help YOU find resources that will INFORMENCOURAGE and EQUIP you as you parent your teenagers.

So this blog is for YOU, for your children, for your family, for your neighbors, for your relatives, for your community, and for ANYONE who has a teenager in their life that they are invested in. Our kids need us! And we need each other! And we are here to help! We encourage you to continue checking out this blog as we work to provide you with up-do-date articles, reports, trends, media, teaching, and encouragement for you and your family!


***While this blog is specifically designed for parents and families of the BRISK Youth Ministry at Providence Church, we hope that all parents and families that visit this page will be encouraged by what is being shared.


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