Current Series: “Making of a King” (Middle School)

Current Series for BRISK Middle School                       (Starts Wed. 1/27- Ends Wed. 2/24)

***The Making of a King XP3 Curriculum***

 Every good story has a hero. Think about it.  Superman. Luke Skywalker. Katniss Everdeen. They aren’t just random characters. They’re larger than life. Maybe they’re not perfect, but they’re exciting and they’re brave. And that’s what keeps us interested. That’s why we cheer for them. Believe it or not, the Bible is full of heroes like that. More

Check out the weekly schedule here!

Check out the series intro video here!

Thanks for taking the time to invest in your teens and for allowing us at Providence Church BRISK to partner with you! Keep checking out our Parent Blog for more resources and information.


Upcoming Series for BRISK Middle School

3/02-3/23     ***The Comparison Trap XP3 Curriculum***

4/06-4/20     ***Out of This World XP3 Curriculum***

(More details to come)


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