Current Series: “Right Choices” (High School)

Current Series for BRISK High SCHOOL                         (Starts Wed. 1/27- Ends Wed. 4/20)

***Setting You Free to Make Right Choices by Josh Mcdowell***

“Our youth are confused about TRUTH”

   As we examine our youth’s views about morality, it is apparent that the
foundations upon which many parents, pastors, and youth leaders attempt to build are crumbling. Traditional biblical concepts are eroding… More

   Do you really think that a young person’s views about truth will make a significant difference in their behavior?” That is one of the astounding insights of this research. The study indicates that when our youth do not accept an objective standard of truth they become:
􀂙 – 36% more likely to lie to you as a parent! 
– 􀂙 48% more likely to cheat on an exam!
􀂙-  2 times more likely to try to physically hurt someone!

   During this series we are going to be talking about the idea of truth and how our culture’s view compares to God’s view. We will be spending time each week in a large group setting talking about truth in our culture, current events/issues, and exploring God’s word, as well as time in small groups for some deeper discussion.

   We will also be taking several weeks throughout the series to talk about making Right Choices in specific areas of life such as Music, Movies/Entertainment, and Relationships/Dating. We will be taking a structured approach to develop “Biblical Principles” (see example here) in each of these areas that will help students (and leaders!) come up with a practical, biblical, game plan for making right choices every day.

For an in-depth schedule of what we will be talking about each week, click here or see more below.

To take a look at the leader’s guide, click here! (*we simply use this resource as a guide and our actual lessons will differ in content and material)

For more information on Josh Mcdowell ministries, click here!

Thanks for taking the time to invest in your teens and for allowing us at Providence Church BRISK to partner with you! Keep checking out our Parent Blog for more resources and information.

HS Brisk schedule
BRISK High School Series Schedule Jan-Jun 2016

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