How was school today?

Stop me if you’ve had this conversation with your child before….

“Hey honey how was school today?” 

“Fine” (insert other indifferent comment) 

“What did you learn today?” 

“Nothing/I don’t know” (insert “Jesus” for church related activities) 

Aaaaand scene!!!

Now I’m sure at least a few of you have had conversations like this with your teens! For some of you this may describe a daily conversation. Your child comes home from being at school for 7+ hours aaaaand “it was ok”, and “nothing” happened, and “seriously, why are you trying to get in my business!!!”

I know this is not true for every teenager, but it is safe to say that the majority of teens aren’t bursting with anticipation to tell their parents how their day was (parents if you really want to know, just check their facebook or twitter…. JUST KIDDING!). In fact, it is a common enough occurrence that there are dozens of articles and tips for parents on the topic.

But put aside the studies and “how to talk to your teenager” books for a minute and imagine with me a different conversation…

“Hey honey how was youth group tonight?” 

“Fine” (insert other indifferent comment) 

“I read that you guys were talking about David tonight. What part of David’s life did you talk about?” 

“(perfect, intelligent, well-thought out response)”

“Did you read the verse in 1 Samuel that shares the story of when David was running away from Saul?” 

“I think we did, but I forget” 

“Why don’t you go get your Bible quick and we can read it again right now!” 

Scene continues with meaningful conversation!!!

Wow, what a difference, right! Now obviously this is a best case scenario, some of you might have to take a little different approach or put in a little more work with your child to get there, but imagine the potential to connect with your child on a deeper level if YOU can be the one to tell THEM what they should have learned and ask them about it!

There is no magical solution to getting your teens to talk to you, and because of God’s beautiful and creative design every one of your children is going to be unique in how they interact and respond to these types of questions, but don’t discredit the value in TRYING! Your teens care more about what you think than you will ever know! Taking the initiative to learn about their schedules, their interests, their hobbies, their friends, and their relationship with God and ask them about it will have a profound impact on their life.

Just remember that teens today are OVERLOADED with information and activity, and it may help to try a different approach once in a while. (Tip: Check out this article on some tips and ideas!)

Here at Providence Church we want to partner with you parents as you have these conversations with your teens. The way we want to do that is by making sure you as parents are well informed of what we are teaching at BRISK Youth, what activities are coming up, and other ways that we are interacting with your students. That is part of the reason we began this PARENT BLOG!!!

We encourage you to continue checking out this blog for up-to-date information and resources, and if you have not already joined our parent email list, please email Dustin right away!!!

And while you are here…. take a few minutes to check out:


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