What we’ve been talking about… Jr. High

Wednesday Nights (4/06-4/20)

Have you ever been part of two very different groups? Maybe you go to a different school or you’re in different classes than the people in your neighborhood. So you’re a part of both groups. Or maybe you play on a different sports team than all of your friends. So after practice you hang out with the team but on the weekends, you hang out with completely different people. When that happens, we feel like we’re from one world and living in another. We’re torn. And if we’re honest, sometimes going to church or being a Christian can make us feel that way too. We go to church and what we hear makes sense. We see people living out their faith and it looks perfectly normal, maybe even fun. But what looks good on Sunday doesn’t always feel comfortable on Monday. Back in the everyday world, living as followers of Jesus can make us feel like we’re from another planet. But does it have to be that way? And what does it look like to live for God in a culture that doesn’t necessarily think the same way? >>>Read More

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Sunday Mornings (4/10-7/10)

The Book of Acts (chapters 1-12)

So what happens after Easter? Jesus didn’t overthrow the government or restore God’s kingdom on Earth as expected, in fact, he actually hands off his earthly ministry to his disciples and ascends to heaven to be with his Father. The book of Acts picks up the story after Jesus leaves, following the apostles as they continue preaching, teaching, and performing miracles for the sake of the Kingdom. As we study through this book we will look at the lives of the apostles, how the Holy Spirit guided them, and how the early church was started and see how these things apply to us as Christians in the 21st century.


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