What we’ve been talking about…. Sr. High

Wednesday Nights (3/16-4/06)

music retro Music is everywhere! It’s on TV, movies, advertisements, radio, sporting events, church, school, etc. Hardly a week goes by that we don’t see at least one student come to Sunday School or youth group with a pair of earbuds in their ear listening to music. When we interviewed our  High School students asking “what does music mean to you”, we heard recurring responses like “music is my life” and “music is everything to me” as well as “music could help save a life!” These responses, combined with multiple scientific studies about music and how it affects us, had us asking the question…”Why are we not talking about this more?!?!” Through our discussion on music at BRISK our goal is to challenge students to think about music from a new perspective as we explore God’s original design, what God’s word says, and how all of it applies to our choices when it comes to music.

Sunday Mornings (4/10-7/10)

The Book of Acts (chapters 1-12)

So what happens after Easter? Jesus didn’t overthrow the government or restore God’s kingdom on Earth as expected, in fact, he actually hands off his earthly ministry to his disciples and ascends to heaven to be with his Father. The book of Acts picks up the story after Jesus leaves, following the apostles as they continue preaching, teaching, and performing miracles for the sake of the Kingdom. As we study through this book we will look at the lives of the apostles, how the Holy Spirit guided them, and how the early church was started and see how these things apply to us as Christians in the 21st century.


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